About Me

I am a writer specializing in both websites and print. I use the integration of SEO, research and writing to create the best online content. I write for over 50 websites, companies and individuals in the United States, Australia and the UK. I am also the author of the Del Mar Picture Book, a coffee table book about the modern history of Del Mar California. In addition, I have had articles and photos published in a variety of magazines and books. My Ph.D. is in Chinese Art History from the University of Kansas. My Doctoral research included living in Henan province and performing field research at cave temple sites throughout central China.

Online branding is something I understand on a personal level because there is another woman named Lisa Pluth who writes children's literature. She lives in Northern Minnesota and we have been confused in the past!

Types of Writing

I specialize in many types of writing. I also worked as an editor and a researcher for years. My services include authored pieces, ghost writing, articles, press releases and short fictional pieces. I write about many subjects but specialize in history, education, home repair, travel, computers, military, health, gardening and tech. Writing and journalism are two different things and unlike most journalists I do not believe in the propagation of bad press. I have tabled one book and several articles where the research revealed information that would be damaging but "news" worthy. Life is just too short.

Maximum results

Thinking is the Food of Life!

Writing is all about doing what is best for my readers. I love process and getting important information out into the world. Helping my clients and their customers is what I enjoy. My articles are read, shared widely and they help people. Unlike academic writing, this is writing that touches people's lives and that is amazing!